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  • You can improve reading skills by reading to children. Teach children to love reading by reading to them everyday. Learning to read will be easier if they have been read to on a regular basis.
  • Parents can impove reading success, they can teach children to read before they attend school. Parents teach children to talk, so teaching reading is a natural follow on.
  • How to teach children to read, or how children learn to read are questions parents often ask. There are various ways to teach children to read. Here is a summary of the ways to teach children to read.
  • There are many good reading strategies to teach children to read successfully. This site outlines how to teach reading to children utilising a variety of reading strategies, so they learn to read quickly and easily.
  • Improve children's reading skills by providing reading material that focuses on their interests. Improve reading by motivating children to read.
  • Effective reading strategies are simple to learn and will improve reading comprehension.There are many ways to improve reading skills, here is a summary of eight reading strategies.
  • There are three levels of reading comprehension. Understanding the differences between the levels is part of learning to improve reading comprehension.
  • When learning speed reading techniques, reading comprehension is important. There are many reading strategies to learn that will improve the speed at which you read and comprehend text.
  • The best way to read better is to improve reading habits. Improving reading habits can increase reading speed and reading comprehension. Read regularly and read better.
  • There are many ways you can increase your reading speed. Here are some basic tips to improve reading speed and increase reading comprehension.
  • There are many good books for children. Here's a list of great books to read to children. Good quality books make reading fun and will promote a love of reading.
  • Selecting good books for children to read may not be as simple as it sounds. Quality books for children to read can make all the difference to whether children are motivated to read.

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"Thanks Jen for your 'Teach children to read' book, it was exactly what I was looking for - a fun, interactive and play based program. It provided an easy to follow guide that made sense!" 

 Greta, AUS


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